Friday, 14 October 2011

BIONNUT spruggit LUSTTL...Word verification makes me laugh!

This is too short to be called a proper post but I have to find out, am I the only one with such a childish sense of humour?
When I send messages to other lovely bloggers the words conjured up by the computer make me smile.
My latest was ' Vocatici'... very Latin I feel...
Maybe its just because I love words so much. I'm always looking up their exact meaning, or discovering their origins. One of my favourite old books is Skeat's Etymological Dictionary. How the urchins groan when I bring it out!
I know I'm a little eccentric but it seems quite normal to write on the walls of my house. I like to have my favourites there, in front of me, as part of my everyday life.

Please ignore the cobwebs in this one...

This one actually says...

"Though we cannot make our sun stand still yet we can make him Run"

This quotation is the last two lines from Andrew Marvell's 'To his Coy Mistress'
It's my carpe diem phrase.


  1. Every so often I've noticed that my little laptop, with supreme optimism, will have a guess at the WV that I'm about to type. It's never been right yet, but it will not be deterred.

  2. Hello John, I like the thought of that. My mobile tries to guess what I'm trying to say. It's usually wrong... Jane x

  3. Jane, you're not alone in getting chuckles from the word verifications. Sometimes I want to erase the comment I've just made and do a piece on the word verification I've just been asked to master. I'm sure there's some psychological research that separates earnest respondents from ax-murderers, but I haven't figured out how repeating random combinations of letters pulls that one off. But have you noticed, if you miss the first one it gives you an easier one next time? (The verification it gave for this comment was "polite." Do you think it was admonishing me?)

  4. Hi Jim,
    Yes, they do give easier ones as you go on! I like that you had 'polite' as your word... I pre-choose all w.vs allowed for my readers... of course...!! Jane x

  5. I love the WV words, they always make me laugh, I'd love to be the person that thinks them up!
    Jo xx

  6. Hello Jane, I LOVE the quotations painted on your walls.... such a wonderful idea!
    The WV always makes me smile, I have had some good one's too :)
    I do not think this is a short post at all. I decided to put a link on my post to direct readers to an advert that made me laugh. Of course not everyone will find it funny so I shall have to come up with something better next week... it WAS a very short post indeed!
    Have a lovely weekend. Abby xx
    ps. Love your pretty garden header :)

  7. It would appear that the SUN is a "HE"! Who decided? Even in Italian and in Fench it's a masculine noun (or name, whichever you want to interpret it) but... the MOON, the mysterious, silvery, shiny MOON is... A GIRL! "La luna" "La lune" Lucky Moon! She's one of us!

    I love your new header, Jane!



  8. Pretty new header Jane. I can understand your love for words, I do too. It's nothing for me to look it up and find out more about it, it's all about learning all our life don't you think? I love the words on your walls - beautiful. Diane

  9. The sun god and the moon goddess...think it's pre christian/pagan in origin. The wv does make me smile. I love words too, when I was younger my favourite word was oblong, have no idea why. My son when he learned to talk, would shout Tea towel when he was cross!! he's quite normal now...honest :-). Love the words on your wall, I'm always writing down interesting things I have seen is one for you jane...

    May the sun bring you
    new energy by day,
    May the Moon softly restore you by night,
    May the rain wash away your worries.

    May the breeze blow new
    strength into your being,
    May you walk gently
    through the world and
    know it's beauty all the
    day's of your life.

    Sophie xx

  10. Hi Jo,
    I'm glad the silly words make you laugh too, it's nice to know I'm not alone!
    Jane x
    Hi Abby,
    My son was very pleased that you and Diane liked my new header, because he helped me do it! We wanted to put in two pictures but couldn't work out how!
    Hi Anna,
    I'd rather be a moon than a sun any day! It is funny how somw strange things are feminine or masculine. My favourite book is 'The Little White Horse' by Elizabeth Goudge, which is all about a Moon Princess, I've loved it since a child.
    Jane x
    Hi Diane,
    I'm always looking up words. We use the word 'Orts' at home to measn left-overs. I've found that is a real dialect word descended from old Scandinavian!
    Jane x
    Hi Sophie,
    I love the thought of your son shouting tea towel. My nephew used to find the word 'cornflake' very funny...Thank you for the poem. I really like it. I shall write it down and and have a think about it and let the words soak in.
    Jane x