Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Not a pretty baby....but much loved

Please excuse orange age spots on photo!

Today is my 50th Birthday
Yesterday, in a nostalgic mood, I was looking through some old photo albums and these made me laugh!
The above is me in my cot with my boot button black eyes and strange sticking up hair -it looked just like a loo brush I've been told...My Mum, love her, says I was beautiful, and good and very friendly to all strangers...

The next is in the garden in Amersham. Such a beautiful place to grow up.
I still love dressing up today! ( Perhaps not as a nurse...)

And finally, to my mind the most amusing of all-

At Univesity in the 80's... 
What more can I say?


  1. Happy Birthday!! Love the photo's you grew into a beautiful swan Jane...I looked like a monkey when I was a baby :-)
    Hope your day is full of happiness, are you doing something nice....really hope so, whatever it is have a lovely day
    Love Sophie xx

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Pictures are lovely

  3. Happy Birthday Jane. What a coincidence, I was born in 1968 in The Shrubbery up Amersham Hill and all our family hails from in and around High Wycombe. We lived at Booker until 1988, it certainly is a small world. Love the picture of you as a baby. Have a great day.
    Jo xx

  4. Hello Jane:
    Oh, what fun it is to get out the old photographs on such an occasion as this. But how brave you are to reveal all, well nearly all, to the world at large.

    The 'Three Ages of Jane' are amazing and, from where we are looking, go some way towards explaining just what a lively, creative, generous and highly individual person you must be. Happy Birthday!!!!

  5. "Tanti auguri a TE!" I'm singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU in Italian, Jane! Do you like it?

    Enjoy all the celebrations, the gifts and the love you will receive well into the weekend... I guess!

    You were a very sweet, beautiful baby. I love the hair and the chubby face! So beautiful!

    If you lived a bit closer, I would cook you a very nice Italian meal, or maybe I would come to your party bearing lots of "goodies!"

    Enjoy yourself, "Signora dei Libri" lovely Jane, I will think about you!

    Tanti cari auguri...


  6. Happy Birthday Jane!!
    I love your pictures, especially your 80's photograph... I had the very same style back then too ;)
    Have a lovely Birthday.
    Abby xx

  7. Happy birthday Jane!

    I spent my 50th in tears - can't think why because since then I've had a ball!

    You looked lovely as a babe - nicely pink-cheeked...and I used to love dressing up too - especially if I could clip-clop in Mum's high-heels.

    I think the 80's were a special time for everyone - I met my OH then and my big hair could rival yours! You must take plenty of photos today, and then at your next 'significant' birthday, you could do another nostalgic peek!

    Carol x

  8. Congratulations on your birthday! Hope you have an amazing day!

    Your baby picture; it's as if I am looking at my younger sister! She had fire red hair that you could in no way flatten. She always looked a bit like a orang utan, but turned out a pretty - natural high blonde - young lady.

    I like your last picture aswell! Very pretty!

  9. I think you were a cute baby, I'm sure your mother just loved you to pieces. Whatever - you grew up beautiful and to be a beautiful human being. That's the best part. Happy, Happy Birthday Jane! I hope you're having a wonderful day. Diane

  10. Thank you all so much! I have just come back from a wonderful meal out with lovely friends and my two urchins (Ems came back from uni specially). All day I have been showered with presents, flowers,champagne,cards and phone calls. I am such a lucky woman and feel so very grateful.
    Love Jane xxx

  11. Happy Birthday! Have a beautiful day.

  12. Happy Birthday Jane. I had that nurse's outfit too but I forgot about the cape. What beautiful wallpaper you had to look at through the bars of your cot.

  13. Hi Jane,
    Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating your milestone! ;-))

    I know I should have been cooing over your baby photo...but I couldn't help looking at that fantastic oriental wallpaper in the background!

    Happy days to you!
    Niki x