Saturday, 22 October 2011

Elektra-fying (so sorry for the pun!)

Two summers ago my daughter had a wonderful chance to join an acting course on the island of Hydra in Greece. She had to be incredibly brave, as she knew no-one and travelled alone, even spending the night in a hotel in a port near Athens.
She phoned me a few days into the course bubbling with excitement as she had been chosen to play the role of Elektra in Sophocles's play. They rehearsed all week and the play was performed to the public in an amphitheatre!
I have just received an email from her with a link posted  on utube by Corrina , who runs the courses.
I wanted to share it with you and have a proud Motherly moment.

We don't have many other photos from the play but here is one of the best of them

I'm so proud of my lovely girl..


  1. Jene - what a lovely story of your daughter. Please congratulate her on her talent and bravery and thank you for posting.

    The you-tube is blocked in North America and when clicked displays the message below:

    "This video contains content from EMI, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
    Sorry about that."


  2. Jane,

    It really is lovely. I have seen the images on YOUTUBE, She is a pretty girl and... WOW! What an achievement to be able to do that and in Greece! Love the music with its crescendo... really exciting! You are right to be proud of your lovely girl! Thank you for sharing your joy and the images.

    (I have to confess that Greece is a country I really love. Everything about it is beautiful!)

    Very well done, both of you!


  3. Thats lovely Jane, and proud you should be, xx
    Hope you are feeling better xx

  4. A brave girl indeed! But what a fantastic challenge for her, and she clearly succeeded. Thanks for posting the link on youtube... wonderful!
    Abby xx

  5. Oh rats! The utube link is blocked here. I was hoping to see the piece from her acting. I think it's wonderful that she was able to do that. It takes a lot to go after something you really want to do. Good for her!!!Diane

  6. You certainly should be proud too. And I thought Elektra was just a record label!

  7. Jane - you must be very proud of her, and rightly so. I really enjoyed the youtube piece - thanks for giving the link. Carol x

  8. At last the darn Blog is letting me leave an answer. I was kept out yesterday, when I had plenty of time and now on Monday morning, it finally lets me 'speak'!
    So I will just say a quick hello and thank you to all my kind commenters. I'm sorry utube doesn't play abroad.
    I'm still feeling proud and happy for Emmie, I love the picture where she is up-side-down. I do hope we can have a copy, it would look great in her portfolio!
    It's so nice to have the goodwill of so many friends I've never actually met.
    Have a happy week everybody!
    Jane xxx